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Crop Charts from last 12 years in Region 2, 3, 4

Here are charts in an Excel file which show the crop charts from the last 12 years in Regions 2, 3 and 4

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10 Year Charts for Crop Returns (2001-2010)

A chart of 10 Year Average of Crop Returns (2001-2010) This chart shows the following crops: wheat, barley, corn, soybeans, sunflower, flax, pinto beans

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How Did Your Farm Perform

Article by Andrew Swenson

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Dare to Compare Machinery Costs

Article by Steve Metzger

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Cost of Air Powered Post Pounder - 1 Calf

Artice in pdf

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Farm Profits Support State Economy (June 2011)

Article written by Mark Holkup, Farm Business Manager at Bismarck State College

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Morton County Soil Health Project

The goal of this project is to renovate through the use of cover crops fragile, low quality, highly erodible farm land that has been in grass for many years.

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Restoring Soil Productivity

The Morton County, N.D. Soil Conservation District and Bismarck State College Farm Management Education received a Conservation Innovation grant.

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Surviving the First Five Years

Instructors provide tips for young managers

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Cash Flow Planning - Just Do It!

Question - do I really need to spend my time this winter developing a cash flow plan? Answer: Yes.

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